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Our lawyers are all accomplished court advocates, who all appear in courts throughout NSW and interstate on a daily basis. We are familiar with all the judges and magistrates throughout NSW, and are well known and highly respected by them.

In addition to our work in the criminal courts, we are actively involved in various community initiatives, including providing pro-bono advice to disadvantaged defendants at community legal centres, free advice clinics, counsel to women’s domestic violence groups, lecturing legal studies in high schools throughout Sydney, sponsors of the University of Western Sydney’s “LY Lawyers Prize in Criminal Law” and other various charitable events.

All of our solicitors get involved and contribute.

Welcome to our team!

Adam Ly, B. Ec., LL.B.

Principal Lawyer

Adam Ly is the Principal Solicitor of LY Lawyers and is a well-known Criminal Law expert.

Adam specialises in Criminal Law but his knowledge extends to a range of different legal areas. He appears daily in the Local Courts, District Courts and the Supreme Court of NSW, and has extensive experience in the Federal Magistrates Court, the Family Court of Australia and the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal.

Other than in New South Wales, Adam has appeared for our clients in criminal cases in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Adam has been representing clients in numerous courts in NSW and has more than 15 years in the Criminal Law industry. He continues to strive to protect the rights of those who have been accused of criminal offences.

Adam is a strong advocate for drug dependency rehabilitation. He assists local community organisations with various legal matters on a volunteer basis.

Adam is highly regarded for his commitment to his work and clients. His dedication to the principles of justice and fairness are what separate him from other criminal law advocates.

Joseph Harb, LL.B.


Joseph came to our firm having worked at criminal law firms in Parramatta.

It was there that he obtained a wealth of experience in all types of criminal matters. Joseph has been involved in many complex and difficult criminal matters involving the most serious of criminal offences.

Joseph is a meticulous lawyer whose attention to detail ensures that every aspect of your case will be looked at and fully investigated.

He also thrives on working on preparation of District and Supreme Court matters and assisting our barristers in defending our clients at trial. He can be credited for many jury acquittals that Ly Lawyers has achieved for our clients recently.

Matthew Munzenrieder, LL.B.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Matthew joined our team at the Parramatta office after defending clients at a previous reputable criminal law firm in Parramatta. His previous years in the criminal law industry was spent entirely representing those who were charged with serious criminal offences.

Matthew is passionate about defending our client’s civil rights, and is particularly vigorous in his approach to representing our clients who have been victims of wrongful convictions and unjust outcomes. Matthew loves being in court everyday, whether it is representing a client in trial with Counsel in serious criminal matters, or fighting in the Local Court to appeal against a suspension of a client’s driver’s licence. He handles all types of cases for LY Lawyers, including drink driving, domestic violence assaults, minor drug matters, licence appeals and various serious criminal charges.

Sherleen Chand, LL.B.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Sherleen has attained a wealth of experience and knowledge in various areas of the law. Her experience working in general practice and Criminal Law practices has proven to be a valuable asset to our firm.

Following her time with some of Sydney’s most reputable criminal law firms, Sherleen joined LY Lawyers as one of our Criminal Lawyers in our Parramatta office. Sherleen is a keen advocate who enjoys working on some of the firm’s serious matters in the Parramatta and Sydney District Court, listed for Trial for the rest of the calender year. Her meticulous nature helps her dissect many complicated legal issues that arise in our briefs. She particularly enjoys the Trial process.

Sherleen also appears in the Local Courts throughout NSW almost daily, helping our clients with their cases such as drink driving, assaults, traffic matters, licence appeals and minor drug related offences.

Ali Saleh, B.Ec., LLB.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Ali is one of our devoted Criminal Defence Lawyers in our Liverpool Office.

Prior to his comprehensive work in the criminal sector he used to volunteer his services at several justice clinics around the greater western metropolitan area, trying to make an impact on the lives of those less fortunate. His passion is motivated by the seemingly unjust outcomes that occur because of a lack of resources available to the defendant rather than the circumstances of their case. His move into the criminal law sector has only made him a more tenacious pursuer of justice. His extensive experience in various criminal law practices over the last four years has developed him into a pragmatic and very capable defence lawyer.

From Supreme Court applications to simple local court matters, Ali’s range of experience gives our clients the best possibility in achieving their desired result. His involvement in several successful district court matters including Armed Robbery, Robbery in Company, Indecent Assault and Commercial Quantity of Prohibited Drug matters only increases the advantage he brings for our clients.

Whether you are appearing for a hearing or being sentenced, Ali has appeared in almost all of the Local Courts throughout NSW, and even some in QLD, bringing great results for our clients.

Barristers We Brief

“Lawyers” in the Criminal Defence Law profession generally fall into separate and distinct categories, “Solicitors” and “Barristers”. Barristers form a separate part of the legal profession, and work in separate offices to solicitors called “Barrister’s Chambers”. Barristers are generally required to assist solicitors in serious criminal cases, often dealt with in the higher courts of NSW, such as the District Courts, or the Supreme Court of NSW.

Much like Specialist Doctors and GPs in the Medical profession, Barristers are instructed by solicitors to assist with particularly difficult cases that are dealt with in the higher courts, for example Murder or Manslaughter.

At LY Lawyers, we instruct Barristers of the highest calibre and reputation, with a wide range of Junior and Senior Counsel (also known as a “QC”) working with us on a regular basis.We have worked and continue to work with Barristers in various Chambers throughout Sydney, including:

  • Forbes Chambers – Philip Boulten SC, Marugan Thangaraj SC, Troy Edwards and others,
  • Samuel Griffiths Chambers – Anthony Bellanto QC, Sheridan Goodwin and others
  • Ada Evan’s Chambers – Anthony Parsons, and others
  • Frederick Jordan Chambers – Greg Jones, and others

…and many more.

We have been very successful in defending serious criminal charges, working well with the Barristers we brief, both in Sydney and Interstate.

If you would like us to instruct a Barrister in your case, we are happy to introduce you to the various Barristers we brief to help us achieve the best result in your case.