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Our Top Criminal Defence Lawyers and Traffic lawyers work from 3 offices in Sydney, Sydney City CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool. No matter is too big or too small for our dedicated solicitors. We have extensive experience representing clients in matters ranging from complex murders and drug importations to more common offences such as drink driving, drug possession and assaults.

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We have combined experience of over 50 years.

We are amongst the top criminal defence lawyers with offices in Sydney City CBD, Parramatta and Liverpool. We are available to appear for our clients in any NSW or interstate court. As accomplished court advocates and experts in our field, we are confident that there is no matter too small or too large for us to deal with. Call 24/7 for a free consultation on 1300 595 299.

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We have combined experience of over 50 years.
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Criminal Offences
Have you been charged with a crime and want information about the offence?
Traffic Offences & Drink Driving
Traffic Offences, drink driving and driver licence suspension appeals.
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If you have been charged with a traffic offence such as drink driving, driving whilst suspended or any other major traffic offence, you may be concerned that you may lose your license, suffer heavy fines or even face prison. At LY Lawyers, we understand the effect that the loss of your driver’s license can have on your life. Your independence, work life and home life can be thrown completely out of order, but there’s not need to worry as LY Lawyers is here to help. In order to assist you with your legal rights and to inform you of the best approach to retain your liberty, LY Criminal Lawyers Sydney is the team to call.
Section 10 – No Conviction
Learn how you can avoid a conviction and avoid a criminal record.
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Section 10 of the Crimes Act 1990 (NSW) allows for a court to find you guilty of an offence; however, a conviction will not be recorded. This means you can save your job whilst keeping your license! Another fantastic benefit of Section 10 is that your record will remain clean, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle that goes with a criminal record. This means you can travel overseas, avoid awkward conversations with employers and save yourself embarrassment. LY Lawyers are experts at achieving a Section 10 outcome for many of our clients. Check out the Section 10 page to see case studies of our successful results!
Apprehended Violence Orders
Find out about Domestic Violence and Apprehended Violence Orders here.
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Do you want to take an AVO out on someone in order to protect yourself and ensure your safety? Maybe someone is attempting to place an AVO out on you and you want to protect your reputation, liberty and record? LY Lawyers have represented clients in thousands of cases where an individual has been charged with domestic violence and we have worked closely with victims to ensure their safety. For more information about our successful case studies, browse our range of past cases here.
Possess, Supply, Manufacture & Import Drugs
Click here if you have been charged with possessing or supplying a prohibited drug.
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At LY Lawyers, representing individuals accused of drug offences are amongst our key specialties. We have extensive experience defending clients across Australia against some of the most serious drug offences in Australian criminal history. We have helped to reduce the sentences of clients found importing over 500 kg of methamphetamine, whilst avoiding convictions for possession, cultivation and supply charges for several of our clients. If you have found yourself charged with a drug offence, contact LY lawyers today.
RMS Licence Appeals
Do you want to appeal an RMS suspension for speeding or loss of demerit points?
Does someone you know require bail?
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If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offence and need a team of expert Sydney criminal lawyers, LY Lawyers can also represent you at your bail application. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will appear with you in any court across Australia, and have often appeared for clients in Parramatta Bail Court on weekends and public holidays. If you feel hopeless and without a clue as to your next step, LY Lawyers are here to help. We have helped clients get released on bail; even in seemingly impossible situations after the first application has failed. Before you go into any bail application, make sure you approach the Sydney criminal law firm with the expertise, experience and work ethic to help you. Contact LY lawyers today.
Sex Offences and Indecent Assault
Click here if the police or a person is alleging you committed a sexual offence against them.
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LY Lawyers in Sydney have a high rate of success defending clients against a range of sex offences. Sexual assault is a very serious charge which can have significant implications for the reputation and lifestyle of the individual concerned, so it’s essential that you choose LY Lawyers to help you achieve the best result possible however you decide to plead. Our experienced criminal lawyers will help advise you on your prospects of successfully defending the charge, or negotiate on your behalf for a less serious charge, to ensure the best possible result every time.

LY Lawyers are accomplished & dedicated criminal & traffic lawyers based in Sydney, Parramatta & Liverpool. Click here for your FREE consultation today.

Have you found yourself in a difficult situation and don’t know where to turn?

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When you, or someone you care about is faced with a criminal charge, you can feel helpless, confused and worried about what to do next. LY Lawyers are a team of accomplished and dedicated criminal & traffic lawyers who have achieved success defending every single type of criminal offence. When people find themselves in legal trouble, they need someone who can help them improve their situation. LY Lawyers have an outstanding track record of success and can assist you to achieve the best outcome from your circumstances.

Whether you have been accused of a crime, or have been convicted and are looking to appeal your conviction or sentence, LY are the best Sydney criminal lawyers for any individual looking to improve their situation. Need a Sydney criminal law firm that is not only skilled, experienced, and hardworking, but also competitively priced? LY offers fixed costs on almost all criminal and traffic matters so wherever you live in the city, our team of criminal Lawyers will provide an affordable service. For more information about LY Lawyers, contact our offices in Pitt St, Sydney, Parramatta or Liverpool. For a free consultation, call us now on 1300 595 299.

Need Representation?

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Are you facing criminal charges and need a lawyer to represent you in court? Perhaps you have been charged with a serious traffic offense such as drink driving? If so, you need a highly skilled, experienced and hardworking team of Sydney-based criminal lawyers. At LY Lawyers, we understand that a harsh sentence, or even time can be one of the most daunting experiences that anyone can face. This is why we offer an affordable service driven to helping you achieve the best result every time. LY Lawyers are the Sydney criminal law experts, and we believe that there is no case too big or small for us to handle, so why not see what our expert staff can do for you?

LY is one a sydney criminal law firm with experience in almost all areas of Criminal & Traffic law.

For the sydney criminal lawyers wtih achieved success in every type of criminal offence, there’s no better choice than LY.

With offices across Sydney, in Pitt Street, Parramatta and Liverpool, we are the only legal team to call when you face a serious criminal or traffic charge. No case is too big or too small and we always charge a flat, affordable rate. Contact us today on 1300 595 299

We have achieved success in every type of criminal offence.

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Here at LY Lawyers we pride ourselves on our dedication to fighting hard to protect your rights.Whether you feel as though you have been harshly treated by the authorities, or believe that a decision made by a court was wrong, we will help you find a solution to making it right.Hiring a criminal defence attorney is not just for those who have been accused of a crime. We also represent clients that have already been convicted and are looking to appeal their convictions or sentence.We can also represent you in traffic matters, licence suspension appeals, parole board proceedings, crime commission proceedings, coronial inquests and police inquiries during the investigation phase.

At LY Lawyers we stand behind our clients with whatever charge they are facing. We’ll fight hard to protect your rights and build a strong case for your defence.

Our lawyers have appeared on behalf of our clients in NSW courts on a daily basis. In addition to our success in the criminal courts in NSW, we have successfully defended our clients in lengthy Criminal Jury trials in Melbourne and Perth.

We have also appeared in Queensland courts and the Northern Territory Supreme Court.We are criminal defence lawyers based in Sydney CBD and Liverpool…Lawyers you can trust. We work tirelessly, 7 days per week, and are available to provide you with 24 hour advice.We are available for urgent bail applications and weekend and public holiday bail applications.We will travel to any NSW or Interstate court to represent you in any criminal matter.

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